San Francisco City Hall Wedding Planning


When my fiance and I started our wedding planning, I had no conviction what system of married I wanted. I belief going through local nuptial photographer’s websites, would support me find my own style, gain recognized with different venues, marital decor, gowns, etc, etcand that’s how I came across IQ website as well as many further bay territory photographer’s websites

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Planning

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Planning

After going through lots and lots of pictures from different photographers I inactive didn’t notice if I wanted to obtain a Winery/Country Club outdoor wedding, ring size chart, or a fancy hotel ballroom wedding, BUT I knew I wanted to own IQ bud my conjugal either way!As soon as we finalized our date and venue, I contacted IQ and was so jocund to find out Joseph was available! Coincidentally he was shooting at our venue the alike day we were touring there, and I saw the pictures of that conjugal on his website in less than a week! WOW, was it beautiful and that sealed the covenant for me I booked IQ online after briefly utterance over the phone with Joseph, never talked or got a adduce from anywhere else IQ pictures touched me like no others, and I moderate knew I had to hold Joseph sprout my wedding!We met final in his studio, and as more reviewers keep pointed, he is super amiable and you instantly fondle comfortable with him. He went over some of his beautiful albums with us, and each of them were artistic and unique There are amazing pictures on IQ’s blog and facebook page, but I epigram some uncommonly shots in his studio, on sizeable excellence prints and they were reasonable breath taking. What impressed me most was that not two albums were selfsame in couple’s portraits, lighting, angels, two things they all requited was sort and creativity.I don’t want to reproduce all additional reviewers Our conjugal was two weeks ago and I couldn’t hold been happier with Joseph and his group We had Alex S. as second shooter and Alex from IQVideography! (I chat we got the wish team!) On our marital day, me and my brial bunch were running a mouthful tardy when they arrived, but they managed to obtain some amazing shots of us recipience ready None of the shots were posed, so they came out natural, and unique! Weddings are different on their own, but it takes an trouper to abduct their uniqueness so beautifully where shooting on the twin locations, identical rooms, etc Our shots on SF streets are particularly amazing! As many of my friends verbal they look like they are from a magazine, or an ad for SF :)I furthermore absence to talk that we got 1700 photos of our married day (10 hour package), and we got our online album in exactly a week! When I booked IQ, I wasn’t sure what to expect for reception pictures, specially since we were having a Persian married with 250 guests, and lots of dancing! I have to prattle Joseph and Alex managed to kidnap some amazing moments in the middle of all that craziness! and at the twin circumstance patiently took lots of pictures of me and my husband and our guests. They impartial did an amazing task and I can’t recommend them enough!

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