How to Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions


Micr circuit hair extension besides called micro ball hair extension, it is more and fresh singable for girls make up their hair, however, do you konw how to apply it on your hair, would you like to obtain a try yourself? If so, you can scrutinize the following 7 tips or steps for how to apply the micro loop hair extensions.

How to Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions

How to Apply Micro Loop Hair Extensions

The newest procedure in applying hair extensions is the micro circle way Micro rings, or micro cylinders, are a way to increase the usual hair without using complicated needlecraft or messy glues Customers and hair stylists emotions the technique, because not only aremicro circuit hair extensions feasible to install, they are also lightweight and alert The additional advantage to using micro rings is that they are absolutely inoffensive for the average hair. Other techniques threaten the health of the hair by causing it emphasis and pulling it out upon removal Micro rings void this stake and support retain the hair hygienic and vibrant1. Shampoo and condition the usual hair with a ale moisturizing shampoo and conditioner It is extraordinary famous to install hair extensions in clean, cynical hair. Because micro rings can last for a while, you privation all the dirt and junk to hold been removed from the hair and scalp so the pores aren’t clogged Completely dry the hair before continuing2. Separate the hair into four useable sections: two in the sway and two in the back Hold the hair in niche with clips

3. Push the pulling needle through one of the micro ball tubes. Push it all the fashion through, so the bother is showing on the other gang 4. Starting with one of the back sections, partition off 1 inch of the hair in a lank queue Separate the hair again into uncommonly small sections. Starting with one paltry section, slide the hair through the micro ring pipe 5. Take a part of the extension hair and implant it into the main as well The hair should already be in pre-tipped portions Work with one quota per section 6. Use the closer appliance to flatten the micro ring. This closes the cylinder and attaches the extension hair to the normal hair 7. Repeat Steps 4 to 7 on the remaining sections of the hair until all of the extensions retain been applied To make the hair look completely general and sunshade up the micro rings, cease a trivial dominion in the vanguard undone When you’re finished, curl or method the hair as desired.

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