Biotin metabolic absorption and physiological function


Biotin, moreover called vitamin H, coenzyme R. Biotin is a ureido circle containing a sulfur iota and one acid crew chain, are admitted to have 8 isomers, certainly modern only alpha-biotin, and hold biological activity

Biotin metabolic absorption and physiological function

Biotin metabolic absorption and physiological function

Biotin is colorless acicular crystal, attainable to soluble in water,slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in ethanol, solid in organicsolvents With interest thermal stability, natural cooking loss is not big, strongacid, strong alkali and oxidant can terminate it, ultraviolet gleam furthermore can makeit gradual destruction Biotin chiefly stored in the liver, contain shorten levelsin blood.

Metabolic absorption: biotin in nosh is mostlyexist in unshackle lair or combined with proteins Biotin necessary with protein in therole of intestinal protease, hole biocytin, then through the movement of intestinalbiotin enzyme, unchain liberate biotin The leading parts of biotin absorption isproximal paltry bowel The low concentration is active pensive by carriertransport; the colossal concentration is engrossed by ingenuous diffusion form. Theabsorption biotin via portal circulation, transported to the liver, kidneyinternal storage, additional cells besides contain biotin, but less Human intestinalbacteria can from two Pimelic harsh instead of azelaic acrid to synthetizebiotin, but as the biotin explicit origin is not enough The biotin in human bodyis mostly by the urinary excretion, milk also has a biotin discharge, but thequantity is extraordinary few

Physiological function: the principal functionof biotin is playing a role in decarboxylation, coenzyme function carboxylationreaction and hydrogenation reaction, can transferred CO2 from one combination toanother compound, so that a combination turn into another. Pharmacological dosesof biotin can impair kimd I diabetes blood sugar levels, emend theexperimental rats glucose tolerance, insulin resistance Biotin moreover canmaintain varied pragmatic animals unsusceptible cells to normal function

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Normal need: because of the gut bacteria cansynthesize biotin, so it is not feasible to accurately determine the biotinrequirement. Adult daily intake is 30 micrograms, infant boost daily intake is 35micrograms; Excessive reaction: the biotin toxicity is remarkably low, so far thereis no biotin toxicity report.

Deficiency: researches by cosmeticraw germane suppliers found that biotin deprivation is chiefly appear skinsymptoms, such as recognizable hair thinning, loss of luster, scratch dry, scalydermatitis, red rash, severe scabies can distribute around the eyes, nose andmouth In addition, accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, mucosalatrophy of tongue papillae, mucosa grey, numbness, depression, fatigue,myalgia, hypercholesterolemia and divergent electroencephalogram. These symptomsoccur in biotin dearth after 10 weeks Babies below 6 months of age canappear seborrheic dermatitis

From biotinsupplier we understand biotin widely exists in meal cheese, liver, kidney,cheese, soy, wheat, rice, strawberry, grape, grapefruit, beer, liver, eggs,lean meat, dairy products. People like to eat unfinished eggs and drinking wine and coffeeneed to add biotin; antibiotics or sulfa daily intake of at least 25 g; menwith thinning hair intake of biotin, deter hair loss generate is obvious; inpregnancy, biotin will loss quickly, should complement just under theguidance of the physician


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