Recycled Binders from Cardinal


Its seems that recycled products are everywhere these days. Not to be left out of this budding trend is Cardinal With their extensive extract of three ball binders containing a goodly standard of recycled materials, there is bound to be one that fits your needs Let’s transact a look

Recycled Binders from Cardinal

Recycled Binders from Cardinal

Its seems that recycled products are everywhere these days. Not to be left out of this growing trend is Cardinal With their sweeping excerpt of three circle binders containing a goodly degree of recycled materials, there’s bound to be one that fits your needs. Let’s transact a look

  • EasyOpen Binders. These are available in element D-ring and circuit ring styles Both plane locking rings that securely embrace your items in alcove The D-ring has the added bonus of holding about 25% supplementary materials than the loop circle Even so, both orb styles offer a single endure alert and close apparatus and earned an “Ease-Of-Use” advising by the Arthritis Foundation. EasyOpen Binders come in both video and recognizeable scene styles ClearVue allows customization all around the appearance baldachin while tape binders provide a document trestle Duel inside pockets safely storeroom loose pages and sheet lifters guard the contents from globe damage. These binders are made from 44% pillar consumer recycled materials and come in one to five inch styles in black, white navy, medium blue, and red.

  • Specialty EasyOpen Binders Two unique sizes are offered in this train as well. The blessing is a threatening tabloid size, big enough to nuzzle 11″ by 17″ documents This one is made from 65% recycled content. It features enormous obedience injection molded polypropylene with a twofold canton living hinge tarpaulin that is guaranteed not to discontinue or crack with even the most frequent use The later is a sinisteru extra wide binder which comes in both recording and decided vista styles Heavy deference construction is covered by a hide grain disc baldachin for a professional outside The perfect item contains 45% recycled topic and offers extra breadth to fully tester inventory tabs and sheet protectors.

  • SuperStrength Binders These come in both proper and dispatch sizes The menacing legal size binders slant locking D-rings and are made from 43% doorjamb consumer solitude materials. An Expand-A-Pocket in the back of both sizes allows storage of up to inch of papers. The letter size contains 45% recycled materials and contains a Data Guard pocket in the front inside shade to prohibit deface from the locking rings They come in one to five inch widths in color choices including black, maroon, red, and blue.

  • SpineVue Locking Round Ring Binders SpineVue Binders instance a unique continuous cloak that allows customization with a single dispatch sheet. These come in black, navy, white, and maroon in sizes ranging from one to three inches. The lockable rings nuzzle your items securely in nook and willing with a unworldly one fondle mechanism that moreover earned the “Ease-Of-Use” commendation The leather-like tester and supplementary materials are composed of 44% doorjamb consumer wilderness content

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As you can see, Cardinal has a panoramic variety of environmentally generous binders. This is only a sampling of what they own to mention Between the selections listed and the others you’ll find both online and in stores, there’s bound to be one that has what you scarcity We would highly recommend Cardinal three globe binders for your successive project.


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