Candlesticks Fool Gold Bulls Again


The Candlestick device left late by Gold on Thursday, September 18, 2008 could own fooled investors into believing that a voyage back toward $2,000 Gold was in the making. The Candle patterns told a different story: that, moderately than advancing further, prices would likely fall the successive day, which they did

Candlesticks Fool Gold Bulls Again

Candlesticks Fool Gold Bulls Again

Gold sallied spread to adduce $100 per ounce within the opening of two days this week That left the remuneration choke of Gold, as displayed on a chart, sitting up there all by its lonesome at a latter cost of $897 per ounce on Thursday, September 18. We obtain not experimental Gold prices at that standard in further than a month It was so very, thumping tempting to conclude that Gold was on a new tear, back toward the storied Castle-in-the-Sky $2,000 per ounce

However, a closer look at the shape and additional details of the cost halt design yesterday apprise not of a new bull market in Gold Rather, they tell a story of Warning to those who notice how to scan Japanese Candlestick patterns.

Specifically, yesterdays emolument bar on the Daily chart was a Spinning Top, with crave shadows (tails, or wicks) both above and beneath the body, which is the department of the Candle between the hole payment and the modern emolument This reveals Indecision in the marketplace. There had been goodly volatility in the Gold hawk that day, with prices ranging far in one behest and then far in the other, but at the second of the trading day the end price was not thumping far away from the cavity price

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A closer look at the action, as revealed by the ten-minute chart, revealed a modified, or corrupted if you will, Evening Star ornament in which the Star was a Shooting Star There was no corruption in the Shooting Star itself; it was a beautiful exemplar of the sort Furthermore, the choke which followed the Shooting Star totally engulfed it, and the fourth bar of the series was a Hanging Man. All of these together the Shooting Star, the Engulfing bar, and the Hanging Man keep bearish implications And finally, the four bars together we bring to be bearish, even though not a classic Evening Star motif All of it foretold the likelihood that Gold prices would not sustain their upward path; rather, that prices would fall

That is exactly what happened today, September 19: Prices fell supplementary than $32 per ounce. No doubt many investors bought Gold yesterday on the force of their perception of the offer and, especially, of the gap-higher known on Thursday It absolutely looked as though Gold was setting up for another voyage to the clouds

And yet, those who understand the Candlesticks not only did not buy impending the market intimate yesterday, or today (Friday); they voted in the denial direction with their money, went Short or bought Puts, and were rewarded with a $32 gain

There is no temporary for learning how the Candles dispense Every banker and trader owes it to himself or herself to at least learn the basics, not only to distinguish wellbeing trade setups but moreover to hold himself or herself out of spoiled trades for mistake to understand the signals

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