About the trendy body jewelry fashion


If you scarcity to earn item jewelry, a shrill is not recommended if you hold problems in blood clotting (hemophilia), diabetes or centre pacemakers (could be affected by the engine used for tattooing).

About the trendy body jewelry fashion

About the trendy body jewelry fashion

Today those who scarcity to wear a “tattoo” or skin entity jewelry strident should carry in character that, although minimal, in many cases, it is an start on the body and, therefore, must be done by professionals and guarantees the maximum hygiene and sanitation Otherwise you could attain infections or diseases like hepatitis B and C, or AIDS

In our community, the something jewelry strident industry is regulated by rules and codes that are important. Thus, this there is an obligation to provide allotments for local controls that achievement the “tattoo and grating art” It may be welfare to look for places that materialize the dominant sanitation in relation to the application of tattoos and raucous These are undertaken in the different premises provided for that purpose There is a trivial reality that minors must levy permission from the parents to bear them out

Lack of control

In the twin instrument, piercings in outdoor locations where there is no prophylaxis and purity conditions in the environment may be prohibited to ensure the prolongation of health Given that the premises, they must obtain commercial clearance, health book, polished tariff registration certificates, training, use sterilized disposable or materials, do not believe how they venture in whole hiding places dedicated to forging item jewelry sharp or tattoos that advertise on social networks, progeny homes or neatly attaching a badge in a work that does not meet the minimum sanitary conditions or prophylaxis. Many places do not hold authorization to perform this task or own apparently “pending”

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Identify the premises provided

Because of the massiveness of this object jewelry trend, further precautions should be taken to warn those who dearth a tattoo or a “piercing,” which are the places provided for this purpose and guidelines that should be met within the premises for added protection Look for recommendations and try to gap the figure followed by many. Opt for the safest place ever


Choose something jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials like gold, silver, titanium or surgical steel (The plastic can moreover be sterilized and therefore used, although it can vanguard allergies). Be clear that the piercings and tattoos are abrasion wounds For proper corrective you hold to ask the practical advice on the precautions and measures to be taken Control the area, and touch immediately to the nurture for these symptoms: fever, redness and / or swelling, pain or discomfort. Remember that during a period of 1 year, kin who obtain had a tattoo or “piercing” cannot be donors


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