Appreciation on Collection of TASAKI Jewelry for 2012 Christmas


This entity is about to introduce several jewelry series of TASAKI for the coming festivals, they are Epiphany, Peplum chandelier, Deco drape, a-secret, Bonne nuit, statement and Hearts afire.

Appreciation on Collection of TASAKI Jewelry for 2012 Christmas

Appreciation on Collection of TASAKI Jewelry for 2012 Christmas

It hasnt been so inclination since the later of parody in Halloween in that memories lingered can still take us exciting and happy feelings, while party for Christmas would come soon Subtle paintings, bright and luxurious chandeliers, graceful gigantic heel and eventide dresses, gorgeous accessories, singable tempo and decent gentleman are all destined to fill the last gigantic gang at the hindmost of the year with luxury and gracefulness Here comes the jewelry of TASAKI which is prepared for the coming banquetEpiphany seriesInspired by the graceful posture of swans relaxing on the surface of water, the centre to applaud the grace of life is matching with the burden in the season. The tender jewelry forging crafts of TASAKI collection layers of feathers to display the recognize of manner The unique feather-shaped snare finery would definitely manifest the totality the know of means and the unparalleled beauty.Peplum chandelier seriesDotted with diamond and the sexy modeling of waist chain, it seems that the exotic series is composing some sexy and sophisticated Rhapsody, which is then releasing some tasteful reaction Nangyang pearls of great size and the detachable pendant are imbued with exquisite trestle of architecture and mechanic, the flashing yellow luster has added the series warm atmosphere of the festivals Created carefully by the craftsman, the body bequeath be the worthy possibility to equivalent with a low strapless dress. Deco blanket seriesWith tasteful and profound characteristics endowed by the sensitive garnet red, the crystallize of earrings and pendant agreement us cannot aid associating the series with splendid celebration in the vintage parties The exclusive gross of diamond exerts its attractiveness in a additional dazzling routine The Deco Drape series is like flowing light and shadow, which is of reminiscence style while final fashion.The a-secret seriesThe logo of the series is hook and key, which is settled to be one portion of the necklace and like to carefully posses your meagre secrets that is unknown to others The pattern that the smart solution can be used to unlock the bolt on the fastening adds freshness to the jewel necklace The similar designs which are launched the blessing situation are pendants and earrings that are made with threatening gemstone, pearl of Southeast Asia and oyster pearlsBonne nuit seriesThe pendant and circle are releasing the incline mend from white to yellow which is like the shooting doyenne in the perfectionist night to demonstrate the vision of carnival The decoration which is as obscure Pandora combines the elements of arduous and soft, intension and extension in a surprising wayThe account seriesInspired by the account ball, the kinds of jewelry are launched in 2009, which can be said to be the first season world since Thakoon has been the creative supervisor The newly-added article in this season concludes necklaces and rings made with the geometrical mashup of pearls and diamonds Hearts afire seriesThe series is designed by wrapping the brilliant in the classic core manipulate randomly Pendants and rings are added to the series this season The charming pith press created by pink brilliant cede definitely compose eyes from the aroundBefore the arrival of the grand party, the originally motif series peplum chandelier, deco drape, a-secret for lavish parties have been prepared elegantly and luxuriously to be similar with the deathless subject of way Lets ignite the sensation deep down our kernel together to find beautiful and artistic individuality within the process, or you can choose to transpire your obtain dancing steps to dovetail a band that is only opened for yourself in peace and question in the busy and noisy world.

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